I have been involved with the Baltimore Bike Club for many years, and try to drag them up to the current day every now and then. Over the years, I have built two websites for them that were used for crowdsourcing rides and helped them with the launch of their Joomla-based current website.

It is desperately in need of an update. I’ve talked to the Board, and other powers that be in the club and have permission to start a rewrite of the site. I’ve put most of my thoughts in the following document:

Continuing BBC Web Presence Thoughts

Here’s the summary:

The Internet is a rapidly evolving platform for gathering and distributing information. Mechanisms that were dominant in the past (Listserves, browser-based websites) are being usurped by newer technologies that promise greater usability such as mobile, social, apps, and so forth.

 The BBC website has already gone through two major revisions in its short history: first, the initial “brochure-ware” website was constructed to provide a basic web presence. This was later integrated with cuesheetcentral, a flash-based website that I wrote to enter an maintain a cue sheet library and lead rides. Most recently, the website was re-hosted onto a Joomla content management system (CMS) that can be extended using off-the-shelf or custom plugins.

 Since the last major upgrade, tablets have been introduced and have become a huge section of the consumer market, smart phones are becoming dominant, and social media has toppled regimes across the Middle East. It’s time to integrate this stuff.  

This matters, since the BBC is a graying organization that is trying to attract younger riders who are not represented in the club. So there are multiple constituencies, and it should be interesting to put something together that can work for all of them.

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One Response to revamp

  1. dneeley1 says:

    Yo! Nice project. Lots of room for improvements. Was a guy by the name of McKenzie ever a part of the website? Just wondering how small this crazy world is. Later!

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