Assignment 2

User Analyses (General)

  • The user is a member or potential member of the Baltimore Bike Club (BBC).The mission of the BBC is to promote and sponsor bicycling activities in Baltimore City and neighboring Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard counties. The BBC also promotes, defends, and protects the rights of bicyclists for a safe road riding environment in our communities through advocacy and education. The current demographics of the BBC are “graying” – most members of the club are over 40 and many are a good deal older. Demographics are not available, but are probably similar to the USA cycling demographic ( USA cycling is a racing organization and caters to enthusiasts, so it may be safe to say that it will skew somewhat younger. With that in mind, the USA cycling members are largely middle class males, aged 30 – 50.
  • The BBC needs to support it’s current demographic and also reach out to new riders. It is clear that there are many other riders, as the report “Analysis of Bicycling Trends and Policies in large North American Cities: Lessons for New York” ( As can be seen in the report, the cycling community is quite diverse. It is approximately 75% male, with most riders between 25 – 64 years old. They are economically heterogeneous, and mostly white.

 Pew Internet has some good information as well:

Task Analysis

    • Find out about club or club member’s activities
    • Find club description
    • Find rides
    • Find ride descriptions / cue sheets
    • Find events
    • Lead rides
    • Join/Renew membership
    • Register for special events
    • Interact with other club members


  1. Checking for upcoming (today/tomorrow/weekend) rides
    1. Website
      1. Navigate to http://www.baltobikeclub
      2. View list of upcoming rides
        1. click on ride to bring up more information
    2. Facebook
      1. Open Facebook in application of choice
      2. If not done already “friend” Baltimore Bike Club (schedule?)
      3. Navigate to club’s timeline to observe upcoming rides
    3. Twitter
      1. Open Twitter in application of choice
      2. If not done already, follow @baltobikeclubschedule
      3. Upcoming rides will be show up in queue.
    4. Other…

Environment Analysis

The site (or more accurately the content of the site should be accessible from a variety of locations. Users at teh home should be able to reach the site from their home computers and tablets. Mobile users should be able to reach the site from their phones  Potentially other means could be used to reach users. For example, text messages could be sent to subscribers who want to be informed of newly posted rides in a particular category (weekday rides, for example). Email listserves could also be exploited for similar purposes. The idea is to have the information from the site be visible anywhere the users might find convenient. For example, pictures from bike tours could be cross posted to Pinterest. Upcoming rides could be shown on Facebook. Mashups of data (traffic, weather, GIS) could be combined to allow a rider to set an alarm so that they have time to get dressed, load the bike and drive to a ride start.

Profiles (created with help from from

Benjamin M. Hawkins


  • Address: 4398 Jefferson Street, Laurel, MD 21045
  • Birthday: July 20, 1956 (56 years old)
  • Occupation: Human resources director
  • Company: Golden Dawn
  • Vehicle: 2001 Fiat Multipla
  • Weight: 224.2 pounds (101.9 kilograms)
  • Height: 5′ 10″ (178 centimeters)

Description:Ben is a core member of the Baltimore Bike Club (BBC). He has been a cyclist since he turned to it as a way to lose weight in 1996. Since then he has raced some, gone on several bike vacations, and has a collection of bikes that makes his wife question his sanity. He does enjoy showing up for rides in his Fiat, that he picked up on one of his cycling trips in Europe. One of his main uses of the internet is to support his hobby. He prowls Ebay for deals. He posts his data to Strava and Training Peaks. Aside from family, most of his Facebook friends are other cyclists. He knows his way around the BBC website reasonably well. He uses the calendar to find and occasionally lead a ride and visits a forum now and then. He occasionally check out other club information like ride starts. He finds the website ugly but workable, and hates it when it changes, since he has to learn where everything is again.

Jeanette L. Griggs


    • Address: 1150 Durst Street, Baltimore, MD 21230
    • Birthday: October 3, 1982 (30 years old)
    • Occupation: Archaeologist
    • Company: Johns Hopkins Archeology Museum
    • Vehicle: 2009 Toyota Yaris
    • Weight: 118.4 pounds (53.8 kilograms)
    • Height: 5′ 8″ (172 centimeters)
    • Description: Jean is a somewhat casual cyclist. When the weather is nice, she rides to her job at the Johns Hopkins Archeology Museum 4 miles away. At times, she has shown up for the Baltimore Bike Party , which she finds to be a lot of fun. She uses Facebook to keep in touch with older friends and family, but does most of her social networking through Twitter these days. Instagram provides an outlet for an interest in photography that she picked up documenting digs in Turkey. She also curates a couple of Pinterest boards – one on historical fashion and one for alien-looking macro photos of familiar items. She’s thinking about getting more into cycling as a way to stay fit, but is unsure how to proceed. She’s pretty sure that she doesn’t want to be one of those lycra-clad racer types who show up sometimes for the bike party.
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