Adobe Creative Cloud

I bit the bullet and got Adobe Creative Cloud. $30/month, but at least the software is always up to date. So far I’ve been using Photoshop (which I know) and Priemier (which I don’t).

Premier is nice! From my perspective, it’s intuative, in that all I had to do was watch a few Adobe tutorial YouTube videos to get started. The only part that’s been confusing is exporting. I can get the full resolution in mp4 if I select “use import settings”. I’ve only tried once to export in .mov format, and got a 4:3 aspect ratio and lower resolution. This post here seems to address that. I’m going to try that this evening.

It turns out that I had uninstalled QuickTime as part of my ongoing struggles with iTunes updates that don’t install properly (Apple seems to assume that you’ll run as Admin by default. Whatever). Anyway, after installing QT once more, the option to export appeared in the options. It even worked. I pour out a tithe to the format interchangabilty gods.

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