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Live Programming

This is a thing I’ve been trying to keep up with, and there was a new paper: Usable Live Programming that was pretty interesting. This, of course led to see how Light Table was doing and it looks like they … Continue reading

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Never heard of this, but it’s been around for a while, apparently: It appears to be a mechanism for implementing Behavior Driven Design, which I’ve been kind of a theoretical fan of forever. I may poke at this and see … Continue reading

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When John Carmack talks, you listen

For those who don’t know him, John Carmack II is one of the premier game programmers. He was a co-founder of id Software, which you may have heard of. Among his credits as lead programmer are Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, … Continue reading

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Is the filesystem metaphor wrong?

This has been going around the development world for a while, but this is a nice succcinct writeup from Informal Protocol “There’s an important distinction here, and that’s separating files as UI from files as API. iOS (and, to a lesser but growing … Continue reading

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